Employee Spotlight - Erin Oxley

Role: Project Coordinator

Why do you like working for SHAPE?

My favourite thing about SHAPE is the people I work with. I have never felt so supported and comfortable in speaking up and sharing my ideas and opinions. You are constantly encouraged to have a go; if you mess up, everyone takes it as a learning curve and gets on with it!

What I like most is that I am constantly given the opportunity to take on new challenges and learning experiences. This continued level of support and encouragement from my managers and team members has helped me achieve my daily goals.

What do you find most satisfying about your role?

The most satisfying thing about my current role is how challenging and versatile it can be. I absolutely love the problem-solving and technical aspects of the role, as well as interacting and building relationships with all stakeholders: clients, consultants, ‘subbies’ and in particular my SHAPE project team. I find these interactions especially rewarding.

What is your career highlight?

My career highlight is how quickly I have progressed and transitioned from Office Administrator to temporarily filling the role of Bid Coordinator, to Building Cadet and now Project Coordinator running my own projects (under $1M) in just under 2 years.

Being a key member of so many SHAPE internal committees and contributing to the growth and development of SHAPE nationally has also been something I feel very fortunate to have been a part of.

Why would you recommend SHAPE as a great place to work?

SHAPE has given me countless opportunities and skills that I wouldn’t get elsewhere. SHAPE and my peers have always empowered and trusted me by giving me the opportunity to have a go at whatever it was I wanted to achieve.

If you are willing to put yourself out there, get involved and chase opportunities, they will support you 100 per cent and back you whenever they can. SHAPE is genuinely invested in its people.

What SHAPE benefits have you utilised or like?

SHAPE allows flexible working arrangements, so my hours fit in around my other commitments (uni), and still give me the opportunity to work full-time hours. I have also utilised benefits such as Work-Life Balance Days, the Project Bonus Program and I was also rewarded with $4,000 for recommending an amazing new addition to the SHAPE team!