Mindfulness and Wellbeing at SHAPE

At SHAPE, we began our Mindfulness journey back in April 2018 after partnering with Chelsea Pottenger from EQ Minds. The use of Mindfulness principles supports our focus of creating a constructive culture by helping our people build resilience, improve concentration and mental clarity.

Chelsea has delivered inspirational workshops nation-wide, and it’s safe to say that Mindfulness is well and truly embedded into our culture. Chelsea has taught us valuable skills that will enable our people to flourish both at work and home.

Working with Chelsea has inspired us, and we now have national well-being initiatives which are rolled out each month and aligned to national such as Movember, International Women’s Day & NAIDOC Week.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect heading into my first wellness session with EQ Consulting; I’ve been to similar events in the past and often leave feeling disappointed and like there weren’t any tangible benefits. I left each session with Chelsea feeling not only inspired, but also motivated. She shares her knowledge and some of the science behind the theme, so you understand how and why it’s beneficial, and the goals you discuss are both practical and achievable, which is very empowering.” – Laura Flett, VIC