SHAPE+ designed to deliver swift tailored solutions
After a challenging six months for Australian businesses, we know that it has become more important than ever to strategically manage operational expenses while continuing to look after your people and clients.

To assist businesses to implement cost-effective, customised workplace upgrades and solutions, SHAPE is launching a new division of works. SHAPE+ focuses on providing swift, tailored solutions for commercial spaces in order to bring workplaces to life. From project completion support to End of Lease and Make Goods, we will work with you to provide fast-tracked solutions from concept to handover.We’ve been working closely with our clients to deliver the services they need now. We know that their priorities at the moment are safety, and it’s important that solutions are cost-effective and quick.

That’s why we’ve created SHAPE Plus, comprising four key services: readiness plus, panel plus, agile plus and aftercare plus. It’s a range of cost-effective and customisable services that can help businesses to maintain their operations, look after their people and achieve fit-outs and upgrades quickly.

At SHAPE it’s been important to listen to what our customers and community need at this time and review our offering to make sure it remains fit for purpose and provides the best, most timely and cost-effective support possible. We’re all in this together and together we create and maintain safe and inspiring workplaces for the Australian workforce.

To find out more about each of these individual services visit the SHAPE+ pages on our site