Horizon Power

Horizon Power is a state-owned government trading entity responsible for the generation, distribution and retailing of electricity in regional Western Australia.

Horizon Power

IA Design

Client PM:

Delivery Model:
Lump Sum

Perth, WA

43 weeks

Project Size:
3,500 m2

SHAPE was appointed to complete this fitout in three separate stages in a live environment. The client’s aim for this project was to move towards an agile working environment for their employees.

The scope of works included:

  • Construction and installation of furniture and joinery
  • Installation of fixtures and fittings
  • Services upgrade and flooring

To maintain safety in a live environment as well as work with the Horizon Power’s employees on site, clear and concise communication was essential. Our team utilised a delivery programme to provide a transparent method of arranging deliveries, so there was no disruption to the client’s operations.

This project required our team to establish strong working relationships with all stakeholders and the subcontracting team. We conducted a pre-project group styles inventory (GSI) session to generate a ‘team’ culture among the subcontractor group, which resulted in a ‘team charter’ being developed and followed throughout the project.