Joondalup Office Fitout

The Department of Water and Energy Regulation tasked SHAPE with the refurbishment of seven rooms in their new office space.

Department of Water and Energy Regulator


Delivery Model:
Lump Sum

Perth, WA

26 weeks

Project Size:
205 m2

The client was moving out of the CBD and required integration of a number of different departments into one building.

This project included:

  • Workstation areas and small rooms
  • ‘Labs’ with stainless steel benches
  • A ground floor area with a boardroom and a large training area
  • Six kitchen areas (decent size and detail) on level 3

The aim of this project was for SHAPE to reduce environmental impact during construction and maximise the recycled content to reduce waste. Our team focused on reducing the environmental impact by engaging a waste management company who would provide us with a monthly report. The report contained what percentage of waste went to landfill and what was recycled. These reports were then provided back to the client for reference. Our project team also focused on the use of natural products and recyclable elements.

This project featured a rammed earth wall – a unique concrete formed wall designed predominately with sand and cement to create a layered, patterned appearance. The building was also designed with each floor having its own theme to reflect the layers of the earth. This included rock, forest, water and air, all with colour schemes and furniture reflecting the theme.

SHAPE faced challenges with the building, base build defects and lifts. Our team handled this by coordinating with the designer and stakeholders to ensure timely completion and the best possible outcome for the client.

MBA Award Winner – Best Building Fitout $10-$20 million.