Hyatt Regency Refresh

M&L Hospitality entrusted SHAPE with the refurbishment of The Hyatt Regency Hotel in the heart of Sydney. The project involved the refresh of 646 Guest Rooms, 13 Suites and 2 Presidential Suites, as well as upgrades to all corridors and lift lobbies.

M&L Hospitality

Bates Smart

Delivery Model:
Lump Sum

Sydney, NSW

13 months

Project Size:
16,500 m2

Having completed the previous refurbishment nearly 7 years ago (formally The Four Points Hotel), SHAPE were able to implement our previous experience and knowledge of the building to ensure seamless execution of the project. This also enabled SHAPE to refine our construction programme to meet the occupancy demands of the hotel.

The project was staged to balance the hotel’s demands, programme and workload of contractors. This enabled SHAPE to maximise efficiencies in our programme and assisted in ensuring the project was safely managed.

Logistically, hotel construction and refurbishment works can be very difficult as hotels rely heavily on a high volume of deliveries, especially when still operational throughout the works, so coordinating these with the necessary construction deliveries is always a challenge. Due to our prior experience in this domain, SHAPE were able to create clear and constant lines of communication with the Hotel Managers providing insight on what works were being conducted that day and planning noisy works in advance, as well as coordinating deliveries with hotel dock masters to ensure no clashes, keeping all parties informed and happy with the progress.

To further minimise any disruption to the hotel and it’s guests daily operations, the team worked with a micro-staged programme with an average of 40 rooms per stage and 4 stages being worked on at one time, creating realistic deadlines and allowing contractors to easily flow from stage to stage, ensuring that there was no overlap of tasks. e.g plasterers will finish one stage and flow straight to the next stage opposed to working on both stages at the same time exhausting labour.

The highlight for our team was further developing and strengthening our existing relationship with the client, after the successful delivery of this stunning new space, the NSW Team looks forward to the potential of working with them again in the future.

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