SkyCity Adelaide, District Bar

SHAPE was engaged by SkyCity Casino Adelaide to undertake the revitalisation of an unused space as part of a wider expansion project.

SkyCity Adelaide Casino

Studio Nine Architects

Delivery Model:
Managing Contractor

Adelaide, SA

9 Months

Project Size:
900 m2

Utilising innovative 3D modelling to complete the modularization of the floor, roof and overall structure, the plan was then brought to life over a 26-week construction period.

The first phase of construction staged demolition of existing structures within the space, while maintaining a watertight roof area. The team then fabricated a modular steel structure off-site to create a new mezzanine area and roof for the design features of the new space. Over the next 5 weekends, a 250-tonne crane lifted each modular unit, including steel columns, floor and roof modules, a brew house kit, keg room components and over-sized fit out items, up to their new home. You can see this process in action here.

The first challenge of this project came in the form of COVID-19 and how it complicated normal site practice. To overcome this, the team worked closely with security and management in ensuring social distancing and COVID-safe practices, which meant utilising fire stairs for movement of personnel and keeping the use of the lift just for the movement of materials. The second challenge was the cranage works around the structure, which meant coordinating meetings with key stakeholders and other builders who shared the same access. As a result of these meetings, our team was able to maintain a safe working practice throughout the construction period while also ensuring services at the casino ran for the duration of weekend works.

The SA Team said the highlights of this project included the continuation of an existing relationship that had seen the completion of 7 different projects for SkyCity Casino. Also, the installation of the Pirate Life Brewhouse was a major highlight, the first and only micro-brewery to be installed in a Casino anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Through this exciting partnership with SkyCity, the Pirate Life Brewhouse were able to take the next step in expanding their business and look forward to sharing their unique beers with visitors to the Casino.

SHAPE is proud to have assisted Studio Nine Architects in the transformation of SkyCity’s unique District Bar, which will create a vibrate nightlight hotspot for the community and breath new life into the classic heritage building.
Check out The District Bar’s website for more info.