WeWork, 1 Sussex St, Sydney

The WeWork fit-out within Daramu House represents the company’s most ambitious and celebrated location within their growing Australian portfolio.


Delivery Model:
Lump Sum

Sydney, NSW

20 weeks

Project Size:
10,800 m2

The building located on the northern boundary of the Barangaroo Commercial Precinct offers a distinctive sculptural from the building’s exterior whilst the highly refined timber construction provides a constant presence and backdrop to the fit-out.

The project compromises of all six (6) levels above the retail tenancies realising WeWork as the sole commercial tenant of the building. The fit-out seeks to elevate the “traditional WeWork” exploring unique design and programmatic elements which hypothesize on the future of the rapidly changing landscape of the workplace.

The combination of highly activated social spaces and workspaces for singular and Enterprise sized companies satisfies the demands of a contemporary workforce seeking a flexible, meaningful and beautiful space to work within. The project interconnects a lounge and kitchenette spaces into highly integrated meeting spaces surrounded by various Private Offices from a single person to a floor of privatised space for a single WeWork member.

The concept of the fit-out formed from the carved sandstone foreshore where Barangaroo nestled within – the materiality and monolithic natures of the sandstone formations inspired the object like joinery, internal stair and design motifs scattered throughout the design. The use of natural materials, textures and colours contextualise the fit-out to its surrounding geographic location.

At the heart of the fit-out design is restraint – seeking to response empathetically to the timber structure rather than demand attention and detract from the refined setting it sits within. The strategy has formulated a series of spaces which not only exalt the structural elements of the building but amplify the warmth and welcoming timber inherently possesses.

Integrating within the constraints of the aesthetic and structural integrity of the timber coupled with the highly visible services of Daramu House forced the WeWork and Shape team to explore bespoke design resolution across every scale of the project.

Every element of the project demanded a first principle solution. The unbridled attention to detail to resolve the integration to the tectonics of the building has resulted in a
fit-out where the ambition of the project has been emphatically met through its execution.

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